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This website only provides access to the preferred provider directory.

Click here to download the list of doctors

Because preferred providers save you and your Trust Fund money, the Northern Nevada Operating Engineers Health & Welfare Trust Fund has created this Web Site for your ease and convenience in finding preferred providers. Need a medical, dental or vision provider? Just click on Download Provider Directory and follow the instructions.

REMEMBER - After you have selected your provider, check the exact location at which the provider is listed. Physicians may practice at several different locations, but may NOT be PPO at all locations. This means that they are PPO providers ONLY in the area or areas in which they are listed in the Preferred Provider Directory.

Just because a specialist is listed in your Directory, does not mean that all services provided are covered benefits. Read your Summary Plan Description (SPD) book carefully. If you do not understand it or are uncertain if a service is a covered benefit, call the Trust Fund Office for assistance (775) 826-7200.

Download the PPO Directory

Note: These are large files and may take some time to download. You will need Adobe Acrobat in order to view them. Click here to download it.

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